• The best comedian I've ever seen. He was unbelievable... I cried laughing from start to finish!
    — Tony Bellew
  • One of the funniest & most entertaining comedians I've ever seen. Sharp, witty & ruthless. Belly laughing guaranteed!
    — Didi Hamann
  • One of the best I've seen & worked with. Absolutley ruthless. Choose your moments when to get up & go the toilet. He'll have you!
    — Ricky Hatton MBE
  • The best comedian I've ever worked with... Either in the UK or in the USA!
    — Sugar Ray Leanoard

Loved. Feared. Revered.

Move from your seat at your peril. Frankie Allen pulls no punches, bringing classic stand up
comedy to a new generation.

No two shows are the same. Frankie Allen engages the audience and will have you both laughing and crying with his hilariously unflinching stage persona. Book now to see what all the fuss is about.

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